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The New Mercedes-Benz GLE

The new mercedes-benz GLE

New Mercedes GLE, the newest generation of Mercedes full-size SUV, built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, together with the GLS than will also feature the new stuff that this new generation introduces right now. Front hood and the headlamps are modernized with a new LED daytime running light signature, by the way, with two Cs and this should also represent the E-Class because, as you might remember also from the Sedan C-Class, it’s just one swing. The E-Class has two, like the GLE, and the S-Class and also then later the GLS will have three of those LED daytime running lights swings. So you can always see in which segment you are basically, no matter if SUV or Sedan.

The optional multi-beam LED, 650 meters of range in the high beam, but also depending on the country, we have recently also heard that depending on regulations in the country, for example, in the US, some of those light system are also reduced in the range.

4 meters 92 or 16 foot 1 is the total length of this new generation and that’s about 10 centimeters longer, so just a little bit, and 8 centimeters of that went into the wheelbase. So the wheelbase is a little bit longer so we can expect more interior space.

The rear is indeed the one that has changed most and I think this looks more elegant now with those horizontally drawn tail lamps. In lower part, we got fake exhausts because they are really purely fake. There’s nothing. The real exhaust is just right underneath the vehicle.

Mercedes GLE rear

 The GLE 450 has a 3-liter engine 6-cylinder that produces 367HP output, also with the 48 volt motor. So, it’s a mild hybrid system with a so-called EQ boost. 5.7 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour or 62 miles an hour. They also already announced a 350 and that’s in the 4-cylinder with 300HP petrol, and there will later also be a V8 petrol as well as a plug-in hybrid, so, a real plug-in hybrid.

This car will feature an off-road package, even an off-road gear reduction and a rear differential lock, and if you then, also, combine it with the e-active body control, there will be a function that when you’re, for example, stuck of-road or, like in the sand, the car can basically whip out the sand, go up and down a little bit, like those, special hydraulic cars that can go up and down. Pretty interesting. So totally new possibilities they give with this new suspension, and also let’s talk about assistance system because the Distronic Plus is now also available with new traffic jam assistance that will go on to 60 kilometers an hour so that you can basically relax then. There’s also the new function that when the car sees a traffic jam ahead, you cannot only see it visual yet but maybe the map data and the traffic live information tell you, the car is automatically reduced to 100 kilometers or 60 miles an hour. That’s something for the German motorway if people drive 180 or something, but it’s definitely a very clever feature.

the new gle interior

On the interior, we see the new digitalization with those widescreen setup. Pretty clean and impressive, the looks, for sure, and also still, with a manual temperature control, I like that because the MBUX voice activation is among the best in the market at the moment, but still not everything is realized in every language. Also the interior processing quality, the build quality, on a very high level. With the rear bench, that is moveable, adds more flexibility, large trunk, and a lot of legroom on the rear seats. That’s special for this vehicle. The GLS, well, basically, we expect the very same car, just a little bit longer, and with a real usable third seating row that you can also have adults on the third seating row that in the GLS.