The New BMW X7

Photo: cnet


It’s the biggest BMW kidney so far and those slim headlamps – they lead over and form one unit, whereas the new X5 has basically split down here’s design differentiation. Comes with adaptive LED lights from standard.  Optional – those ones with the blue accentuations; those are the laser lights with beam range of 600 meters. However, if you are in the US, the range will reduce to 300 meters – that’s maximum regulations – so you can just go with the adaptive lamps anyway.

5 meters 15 or 16 foot 9 is the total length here of the new X7 so, you know, about 20 centimeters longer than X5 approximately. And this will be, of course, the third seating row. The rest of the side silhouette is more upright to give you more space on the interior.

bmw x7

The standard air suspension goes up four centimeters, or down four centimeters from a base level so the overall difference is then eight centimeters. There’s also an off-road package available with an underfloor cover and some more off-road driving modes – hill descent control for example. When the car goes faster, the air suspension will always go down a little bit and to increase the agility of this rather long vehicle, there will also be a rear axle steering available, so when you drive slowly, the wheels on rear go across to the front wheels. When you drive a little bit faster, for more stability, they go in the same direction, and also an anti-tilting control that the car doesn’t go too much to the right or the left. So, electric motors are working against that then, and this then should even out this weight and additional length of the vehicle while driving.

There will be the diesel engines in three horsepower specs: 258, 326 or 400 horsepower. The three-layer six-cylinder diesel or the 40i-is the petrol engine.  This is a three litre six cylinder petrol engine with 340 horsepower. No plug-in hybrid plan for the X7 unlike for the X5. And then in the US, you can also get the 4.4L V8 – the big engine – then with 462 horsepower.

For sure, it’s a very strong exterior – probably the strongest one in this segment – although all those cars are pretty big. Well, in the rear you have definitely more space than, for example, also with the BMW X5, not only lengthwise. You can already see that from the exterior. So also than one problem we had in the X5-that the rear leg room was really short is solved then here. And of course, you have even for adults, the sixth and seventh seat. You know, also for X5, you can now get a seven seater option but here that’s where it really makes sense because you can also not only drive with kids then on the third bench. Still, the seats are very voluminous, so you don’t have abundance of space if you compare it to other cars which are, let’s say, more clever but then again, also maybe less luxurious.

The interior build quality is also on a very high level and I think they’ve also done a beautiful job at designing it. However, in the higher trim levels, they also select again animal skin alternatives, at least they will offer some synthetic  in some markets. Then driving wise, very, very interesting because BMW promises that it won’t be so much different to an X5 for the sportiness as you will have the rear axle steering.