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The New BMW 3-Series 2019


The new  3 Series will be built in Munich again at the head plant, and when you buy it very early, everyone will get one from Germany. Later on, there is also a new plant plan for Mexico that will then deliver the whole American market, and customers in China will also get it from a plant in China. You can buy the package Advantage, Luxury, Sports Line and the M Sport.  So until, a true new M will arrive, the M Sport will remain the sportiest model and already very sporty in the look. Especially in the lower air intakes, very big, accentuated, and, in general, the new 3 Series, it’s defined by more horizontally drawn headlamps. They start with LED from standard equipment, then you can get an adaptive LED which moves alongside in the corners, and the highest trim with the BMW laser light. The front hood has a strong light accentuations and a bigger BMW double kidney. 4.70 meters is the total length of the new 3 Series. That’s about 8.5 centimeters longer than before, so a little bit longer than the predecessor generation, and I’m not sure if you’ve really seen it. Of course it looks also wider in the front visually. There’s also the track change.  So the front track in about 4 centimeters wider, and the rear track is about 2 centimeters wide. The weight balance is 50% in the front, 50% in the rear.

The overall weight is down by about 55 kilograms, depending also on the engine choice. Some small technological details have been updated, and a very important aspect is also about the suspension. It starts with new adaptive dampers with a hydraulic cushion, and that means that in the lower damper areas, you also have a very sensitive area to improve the comfort, but when you have stronger bumps, it’s still remaining stable. Optional you can get disk suspension as an M Adaptive Sport suspension that will be the top suspension trim, and then there’s also a normal M suspension without those adaptive dampers.  

BMW 3-Series 2019 interior

In the interior feel it’s a 3 Series that hasn’t changed so much, but since the car is a little bit long and also just a little bit wider, you have a little bit more room. So, you feel a little bit more spacious  because the A pillar, the cover of the A pillar has been made a little bit slimmer.

There will be a 3-liter 6-cylinder diesel with 265 horsepower, and a 2-liter, 4-cylinder diesel with 190 or 150 horsepower. The smaller diesels, you can also get a 6-speed manual gearbox, and for the 190 horsepower diesel, you will also have the xDrive, which is then still having  rear-wheel bias. Also an M-Performance model for the petrol side with more power, then of course, later a true M3, and also a new plug-in hybrid. There was one before, but the new one is supposed to be 60 kilometers of pure electric range.

BMW 3-Series 2019

On the exterior, it is rather an evolution again and they have to do that because it is their core identity product, even if SUV’s are gaining more and more momentum and the X1 is probably the most popular model now, this one still stands for BMW itself as a brand and will remain important. BMW promised that the price will relatively remain the same as for the previous generation.


Source: YouTube