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SLOW cars that fool people into thinking they are fast

Lexus IS200T F-Sport

First car is the Lexus IS200T F-Sport which replaced the lackluster V6 IS250. Lexus’s goal was to increase things like performance, fuel efficiency and overall excitement. Well they did accomplish that but very marginal. While some might say this car is not about speed but more about comfort, I’m solely judging it by it’s exterior especially when equipped with the F-Sport package. The 18-inch gunmetal wheels, lowered stance and overly aggressive grill, gives it a very sporty appearance. The biggest change was the engine that was introduced for the IS200T. It carries a 2-liter turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine that produces 241HP and 258lb-ft of torque. On paper those numbers don’t really sound bad, until you put them to the test. 0-60 happens in a measly 6.9 seconds. While having a turbocharger might sound like a nice introduction to the IS200T, but what some people fail to realize is that they lose displacement, lose torque on demand, and get stuck waiting for boost that doesn’t offer the smooth power curve you get from a naturally aspirated engine. And no I’m saying that having a naturally aspirated engine is the better option, but some cars utilize a turbocharged better than others. The IS 200T in one that doesn’t. Many owners reviews and auto journalists state that the turbo lag is pretty bad saying that nothing happens for about a second when taking off from a complete stop, which explain it’s poor 0-60 time. It’s main competitors like the BMW 330i, Audi A4 and C300 are all faster than the IS200T by more than a second 0-60. That said the Lexus IS200T is a great car, what it lacks in performance it makes up in reliability, comfort and build quality. And of course it’ll probably outlast all of it’s competitors.

Hyundai Tiburon

The next car is Hyundai Tiburon. This was Hyundai’s first attempt at a legitimate sports car, and honestly served as a turning point for the automaker. Some might not even remember this car, but I hardly see it on the road anymore. The Veloster is pretty much it’s replacement, but is slow. Back when I was teen they were quite popular and even I wanted one. But let’s be honest, people probably only bought them because they were one of cheapest options in the category and it’s warranty length. But the truth is they were slow, handled terribly and many say you couldn’t mod them because the engine was barely strong enough to handle itself, let alone boost. The most modern Tiburon GT came equipped with a 2.7-liter V6 engine that produces 172HP and 181lb-ft of torque, and runs 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds. And older 2003 non-GT model taking more than 10 seconds to complete 0-60. I guess you can’t ask for much for the price, when a Tiburon sold new they were fairly priced at a starting price of 16,000$. But that doesn’t stop some people from calling it a bad sports car, many pointing out it’s subpar handling, lack of throttle response, high reliability issues and somewhat underpowered engine. Let’s put it this way, it’s not the prettiest, the fastest, or most reliable car out there, but for the price you really can’t complain.

Dodge Challenger SXT V6

3rd car is Dodge Challenger SXT V6. This is now Dodge’s sportiest car they offer now that the Viper has been discontinued. When most people hear Dodge Challenger they think of R/T, the HellCat and even the Demon. But actually the Challenger offers a wide range of variations including the V6 that many forget exists. I mean why would anyone remember the V6 variation? It’s slow! It comes equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 that produces 305P and 268lb-ft of torque. It completes a 0-60mph run in 6.4 seconds. Some might get mad at me and tell me that 6.4 really isn’t that slow, especially for car that has a starting price of just over 27,000$. It’s retro muscle car look, and mean looking front end most people wouldn’t imagine this car performing so poorly in a straight line. And unlike other cars featured on this list that can be said that they are meant handling around corners, the SXT doesn’t that as well neither. But there are some positives to the SXT and that separate it from some of the other coupe competitors. One being the all the room you get inside, especially when it comes to rear seat room easily being able to comfortably fit adults. And also the exterior design. Even though the Dodge Challenger hasn’t received a major redesign since 2009, you gotta admit it looks very good.