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Reliable cars under 5,000$

Infiniti G35

First car is the Infiniti G35 (2003-2007). This is the car that was originally presented as an affordable alternative to BMW 3 Series at the time. In fact, this model here was responsible for turning the Infiniti’s brand around after not really having the hottest start in 1989, when it first introduced models like the Q45 and M30. While Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand, I wouldn’t say the G35 is a true luxury car. Surely it has enough features to make a luxury car, but it has it’s fair share of sportiness. Which can be a good thing for those looking for a fun car. It’s essentially an upscale 350Z with back seats. Its RWD, has a sports tuned suspension, and surprisingly good exhaust note, not too loud not to quiet. Also this is the quickest luxury car on the list thanks to it’s 3.5-liter, V6 engine that produces 298HP and 260lb-ft of torque for the manual transmission version. Performance numbers take a small dip if you opt in for the automatic version. Fun fact, the Infiniti G35 had class leading horsepower at the time. Overall interior quality is acceptable, and wasn’t too impressive at the time for the earlier model, but in 2005 Infiniti updated the G35s panels and materials adding aluminum and hood. If you want a nicer interior go for the 2005-2007.

Lincoln Town

Next car is the Lincoln Town (1998-2011) car. This is a big American limousine like road car, with a long hood, a soft ride, a huge trunk and superb reliability. Definitely doesn’t carry the styling everyone will go crazy for, but honestly after taking a ride in one you’ll realize that this is what a luxury car should be. Has a 4.6-liter V8, that produces 239HP and 287lb-ft of torque. Not the most powerful V8 in the world but you do get decent gas mileage. And get this, it’s a RWD car which means you can have a bit of fun with it. Practicality an this car is a major win. Lots of room, it can hold up to 6 passengers, and has a deep trunk that can carry several golfclubs. The driving experience is what you expect from a vehicle such as the Town car. The cabin in extremely quite with  minimal wind and road noise, unless you floor it. It’s practical, and it is very safe as well thanks to it’s body on frame design. I fact the Town car was the first passenger car to receive 5 star government safety ratings in all five categories. That said, for those that prefer a car that rides marshmallow soft, with great practicality, and high safety ratings, then look no further.

Lexus GS3000

3rd car is the Lexus GS300. Also known as the Toyota Aristo in Japan. It was known for having a good blend of luxury and sport leaning more towards the luxury side. It favors a smooth ride over a sporty ride, making it great for passengers. For some the exterior might not be too exciting, but you gotta admit its definitely not lacking character. Apparently the 4 eyes headlights was inspired by the Lexus SC300, but resembles more of it’s competitors headlights at the time, Mercedes. The GS carries a 3-liter V6 engine, that produces 220HP and 220lb-ft of torque. Fun fact it’s actually the same engine used in the Mk 4 Toyota Supra, a engine that is very popular for it’s tuning potential. Unlike the Supra you don’t get an option for a manual gearbox, but what you do get are shifter buttons located on the steering wheel, for somewhat of a sporty experience. When it comes to the interior you get a cockpit that’s good for all sizes, soft comfortable leather seats, some unique features like a clean designed gauge clusters that become visible when the car turns on, and a card holder compartment.

Mercedes E Class

4th car is the Mercedes E320 (2002-2006). Believe it or not, the E320 is one of the most reliable Mercedes cars ever built. Sure is the car breaks down it won’t necessarily be cheap to repair due to the obvious, it’s a German vehicle, but as far as dependability goes this car here is pretty bullet proof. At the time the E-Class was known as the staple of Mercedes-Benz lineup. Actually it was the company’s best selling line worldwide as well. When it comes to the exterior, this is a timeless design, still looks classy and it carries the iconic four-eyes face that first came to life in the 1996 E-Class. The interior offers a bunch of features that came standard like 12 way power and heated seats, a sunroof, dual side climate control, and an over engineered cup holder. Moving on to performance you get a 3.2-liter V6 engine that produces 221HP and 231lb-ft of torque. If you’re looking for a mid-size luxury sedan that offers a combination of safety, luxury, practicality, sportiness and of course status for less than 5,000$, then this is a solid pick.

Volvo S40

5th car is the Volvo S40 (2004-2007). This was the model that decided to move away from the angular squarish look Volvo’s were all known for. The S40 was built with a collaboration with both Ford and Mazda on the cl platform. Sharing engineering from both, the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus. This is a car that has outstanding safety, I mean it is a Volvo after all. Also the S40 really doesn’t have a reputation for powerful performance, but on the flip side you get better gas mileage than the other cars on this list. It carries an inline 5 that only produces 168HP making it the slowest car on this list. The S40 appears to be a small size car pretty much the same size as the Honda Civic, but surprisingly it carries plenty of room inside for passengers and cargo. The interior is simple yet classy, the dashboard has a waterfall style that kind of looks like it was poured into place. Just like the Mercedes, parts for this car won’t come cheap, but if you manage find one in good condition with a good maintenance history, this is a car that will be reliable for years to come.


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