One of the fastest modern car for the money

Audi RS3. Most of us have been waiting eagerly for this car to make its wayto the United States for some time, and in late 2017 our prayers were heard. Well kind of. We ended getting the sedan version not the sport back one. Looking at the massive front air intakes, the 19 inch 5 arm blade wheels and massive tail pipes you know this car is ready to rock. Everything the turbo 4 cylinder S3 isn’t, the RS3 is.

Audi managed to cram lots of power into a small form factor sedan. How much power you ask? Well I’m glad you asked. The Audi RS3 carries a 2.5L inline 5, turbocharged engine that produces 400HP and 354lb-ft of torque. Combine that power with Audi’s Quattro drive system and it can run from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. Compare that to it’s main competitor, the BMW M2 which does a 0-60 run in around 4 seconds. Not only is the RS3 faster in a straight line but it also cost around 4,000$ cheaper, at 54,000$. And I know quicker in a straight line shouldn’t always be the determining factor when buying a car.

The BMW M2 is probably much more fun to drive because unlike the RS3 it’s RWD and offers a manual gearbox. The RS3 only offers 7 speed dual clutch transmission. Oh and how can I forget about the Audi RS3’s interior. It features quality and style very few automakers can compete with. Audi in general carries some of the best cabin tech in the industry. This is a car that has the perfect blend of daily drivable, best in class tech and race ready performance.