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No more Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Except for the Mustang and a new, lifted Focus thing, Ford said that they’re gonna stop making cars. Which means, no more hot hatches. Which means, no more Focus RS. In fact, they’ve already stopped making the RS in April. You might say that the hatchback are useful, but not very fast, but this one’s not slow. I gotta tell you, life is a lot better with a sweet sounding 2.3-liter, Ecoboost engine with 350 horsepower under the hood. With that power and 350lb-ft, the Focus RS is more powerful than the Civic Type-R and the STI, which you can’t even get as a hatchback anymore. This is a track car in a practical car wrapper. Now, this car isn’t as crazy, boy racer, as the Civic Type-R, but more extreme than the Golf R.

There are four driving modes to chose from. Normal mode, perfect for cruising through the school zone when you gotta pick up your children. You can definitely tell that the suspension is tuned for handling, and not for rough pavement, but it’s totally livable. Sport mode, opens up an exhaust valve to release that beautiful sound. It enhances steering feedback and quickens the throttle response. Big Brembo front calipers are cooled by actual break ducts, than actually go through the front bumper. The 19-inch wheels are forged and they’re wrapped in super sticky Michelin Super Sport tires that add tons of grip. For 2018, they added a Quaife LSD which handles torque distribution to the front wheels, so you can take full advantage of all that power. In Track mode, things get serious. It very, very noticeably stiffens up the two-position adjustable shocks. It kicks stability control down a notch and tells the all wheel  drive system,  must allow for a tighter cornering. Last, but certainly not least, is Drift mode which gives the all wheel drive system, a unique set of parameters for, beautiful, smooth, four wheel drifties.

For it’s final year of production, Ford gave the RS some special equipment. In addition to the Quaife LSD and Dynamic Torque Vectoring, it gets a gloss black rear spoiler and mirror caps, which look very nice. Standard navigation with a huge 8-inch screen, heated front seats, and a heated, leather wrapped steering wheel. If you live where it snows, all wheel drive mixed with the warm butt and warm mitts, is a very compelling package.

Ford Focus RS interior

The Focus RS starts at around 41,000$ which sounds like a lot of money for a Focus, because it kind of is a lot of money for a Focus. The leather trimmed Recaro seats grip to your sides and have beautiful, luxurious faux-suede inserts. When you’re driving it, the car is planted but you’re sitting up kinda high. Like a bus driver. You can get this car with a back-up camera but you don’t have any help in your blind spot so keep your head on a swivel. What you do get is a lot of dash. It’s just the normal Focus dash. The only difference is the group of gauge pods, all wrapped in carbon fiber. There is so much that is awesome about this car. For a track Focus 350HP hot-hatch, it’s actually surprisingly quiet and absorbs the pot hole filled streets of town very well. There’s also a sweet-sounding 10 speaker Sony stereo, dual climate control, and remote keyless access. The  Ford Focus RS might be the perfect, fun, daily driving, track car for me.